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Syrian Painter and Film Maker

Launching his career in Damascus shortly after the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, Abdalla Al Omari’s recent paintings describe the experiences of civilians, particularly children, who are caught in the crossfires of war.

Omari graduated from the University of Damascus with a degree in English Literature while also attending the Adham Ismail Institute for Visual Arts. Later, he worked with pioneering Syrian artists Ghassan Sibai and Fouad Dahdouh.

Abdalla Al Omari’s paintings were featured with Ayyam Gallery since early 2012 at The Young Collector’s Auction where his captivating portrait garnered much attention and sold over estimate.

Later at Jusoor Fundraising auctions in 2015-2016, auctioned by Christies auction House, in LA, and Berlin, his works were sold over estimate. 

Now based in Belgium, where he began The Vulnerability series, he also works in video and performance art.

Recently exhibited The Boat artwork at Gangwon International Biennale 2018 South Korea, titled "The Dictionary of Evil", the Cultural event directly linked to Winter Olympic Games 2018. Presented alongside other international artists including : Thomas Hirschhorn,Tammam Azzam, Akram Zaatari. The Boat was also exhibited earlier in Kiev during YES conference's exhibition curated by PinchukArtCentre, along with internationally renowned artists like Marina Abramovic, Santiago Sierra, Andreas Gursky, Damien Ortega and others. 

Recent exhibitions for the artist include Institut du Monde Arabe; Strombeck Cultural Center, Belgium (2017); NW Gallery, United Kingdom (2015); Kozah Gallery, Lebanon (2014); and Berlin Biennale (2012).

"Fraught with emotion, Omari’s oil on canvas compositions tackle complex psychological states, yet retain a profound beauty through their painterly application and realistic portrayal."

His paintings are housed in the collections of Barjeel Art Foundation UAE, Ayyam Gallery UAE, Kamel Gallery Damascus, the ministry of culture, Syria, among others worldwide.


2017 "The Vulnerability Series" Premiere at Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, UAE 

2017 "The Vulnerability Series-Extended" at Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg, Germany.

2013 November, Charms Of War at The National Parliamentary Library,Tbilisi, Georgia.




2018 Gangwon International Biennale 2018, organised in parallel to Winter Olympic Games 2018, South Korea.  

2017 Yalta European Strategy Conference Kiev, Ukraine. group exhibition Curated by PinchukArtCentre. Along with artists: Marina Abramović, Santiago Sierra, Andreas Gursky, Damian Ortega, Shi Xinning, Antony Gormley, EJ.Hill. 

2017 Brajeel art collection in Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France 

2017 Kusseneers Gallery Group show, Brussels, Belgium

2017 Strombeek Cultural Center, Belgium 

2016 Jusoor Art Auction, Held by Christies Auction House, Berlin, Germany

2015 A Moving Identity, Cambridge, UK

2015, Jusoor Art Auction, in the support of Syrian students, Los Angeles, USA
2014, 1001 Cartes Pour Les Enfants De Syrie, La Maison Des Assocations, Paris, France
2014, The Last Supper Exhibition, Kozah Art Gallery, Solidere, Beirut, Lebanon
2013, The First Mtskheta International Art Festival (Crossings), Mtskheta, Georgia
2013, Ayyam Young Collectors auctions 15th and 16th, Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2012. Shattered Beauty, 8 Gallery, London, UK
2012, Ayyam Young Collectors auctions 13th and 14th, Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2012, Kamel Gallery Open Workshop – with two Syrian artist: Fouad Dahdouh and Ghassan Sibai, Kamel Gallery, Damascus, Syria
2011, Mouth Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2010, Graduation Project Exhibition, Adham Ismael Institute, Damascus, Syria
2011-2010-2009, Youth Annual Exhibition, Damascus, Syria


2011, 3rd Prize in Shaghaf Young Artists Contest, Kamel Gallery, Damascus, Syria


2013 I’m alive
2013 Nayef
2012 Extremly Happy About War
2011 Liberte
Liberte video art has been made by Abdalla Omari in the beginning of the Syrian revolution 2011, but with a pseudo name : Philip Horani, and it was shown in many festivals in Europe:
Le Jasmin l’emportera” Festival, Paris, France- 2011,”Premiere Show”
European Media Art Festival – Osnabruck, Germany- 2012
The 7th Berlin Biennale- Germany- 2012
Syrian Anonymous Exhibition – Nottingham-UK- 2012
And others…


 Waiting in the Margins, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, 2014-2015



- Barjeel Art Foundation, UAE.

- Ayyam Gallery (UAE, Beirut, Damascus, London, KSA).

- The Samawi Collection. 

- Kamel Gallery, Damascus.

- Syrian Ministry of Culture, Damascus.

- Private collections around the world.